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E-Commerce 2.0

October 6, 2006 Leave a comment

Simon Simeonov sees some interesting implications of Web 2.0 for E-Commerce. Here are three trends he observes:

1. First, expect a significant move to more interactive user experiences delivered through rich internet applications (RIAs). “The main goal will be reducing shopping cart & checkout abandonment…

Doug thoughts: From a useability standpoint, I think most carts flunk. But newer AJAX models may solve the problems of way too many steps. As long as we can think human-centered and not just cool. Of course, the cart is fundamental for E-Commerce but there are so many other possibilities for RIAs.

2. The second trend is accelerating disaggregation, brought about by the dual forces of focusing on core competencies and leveraging network effects. … “The most successful services will reduce the barriers to purchase across sites.”

Doug thoughts: The interconnecting between sites and services is changing the landscape in ways that most companies cannot fully grasp yet. But it will most certainly change the way we understand brand and marketing.

3. The third trend is social commerce, which comes in two flavors: content-driven and interaction-driven, or passive vs. active. Combined with disaggregation, it means that social commerce will happen everywhere, not just on the e-commerce sites.

Doug thoughts: I think Netflix friends is one amazing example of on site social commerce.


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More Social Shopping Sites

September 12, 2006 Leave a comment

The list of social shopping sites is growing. New York Times ran a piece on the growth of this new phenomenon. In a way, its an expansion of the Amazon reviews. Anytime I buy I book, I almost always check out the Amazon reviews/debates. It is fascinating to see how these review pages often become an ongoing conversation or argument among Amazon reviewers. Take this to the next level, social shopping allows people to share their passion for a variety of products and to build a community of friends at the same time.

Check out some of these social shopping sites:





The Rise of Antibranding or Semiotic Disobedience

September 6, 2006 Leave a comment

Yipes! As the power shifts to the people, brand owners are not the only ones generating mass messages about their brand. With the all the various social aggregators like YouTube, MySpace, blogs, and more, antibranding viral messages can travel faster than official brand messages through the culture.

New York Times (Agenda Inc. LiveFeed) presents an interesting story on the rise of semiotic disobedience.  This is the act of  subverting or reinventing a brand logo to give new meaning to the signifier.  NYT introduces a cool game that makes light of the poor service at Kinkos. Disaffected is a downloadable “anti-advergame” that allows players to experience the incompetence of Kinkos staff firsthand.

Virtual Business

August 30, 2006 Leave a comment

For the last couple issues, Springwise has been talking about a trend to businesses building space in virtual worlds. SecondLife (a virtual community for 18-year-and above) has become a virtual home for Scion, Aloft Hotels, American Apparel, and

This is an interesting trend and business. Not sure how big it will be but it does open new questions about space, commerce and reality.

Shop Wiki

June 28, 2006 Leave a comment

The wiki engine is now serving a shopping portal. This has potential to takes sites like and to a new level. Shop Wiki searches 120,000+ stores, allows customer reviews, customer shopping tip articles, customer video reviews. And in true wiki format, the content is out there for review and update by the community (though not the videos). Pretty cool.

Apple back at Best Buy.

June 23, 2006 Leave a comment

Best Buy is going to start selling Apples again, so I guess CompUsa is going to start selling peaches and cream.

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