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YouOS – Cool Web based OS

January 19, 2007 1 comment

I’ve messed around with a few different online OS and most disappoint, but this YouOS looks pretty cool.

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Easy Bake Make Your Own Mashup

December 8, 2006 Leave a comment

if you’re like me, you’d rather leech onto someone else’s brainpower, than try to do too much figuring out yourself. Some when it comes to technology that allows me to create quite painlessly (from a mental sense), I’m on board! Like ning, openkracow is a open source site that shares code and make creating applications fairly simply. This site is focused on craiting masup. Pretty cool.

Great map resource for city information

December 4, 2006 Leave a comment

Going to a new city? Lost in your own city? TechCrunch just reviewed the newly revamped Ask City, and they’ve made me a believer!

Ask City isĀ  a cool tool for looking up restaurants, movies, events, dog parades, and more. It combines maps, reviews, and a variety of customization like saving snapshots while I search, integration with other sites and services, notes on maps, and e-mailable permalinks of my searches. Ask City may become my new first stop for finding out about where in the world I live. rules the video sharing world!

November 30, 2006 1 comment

I know all the talk over the last year has been about YouTube, and I’ve spent my fair share of time browsing and uploading. But today I tested, and I must say: it rocks!

This video sharing service offers RSS feeds for your videos, automatic blogging and cross-posting options, multiple formats and even multiple uploading options. And this is just the start. If you are serious about videos or setting up an online channel. Use!! I love it!!

Google Suite

October 15, 2006 Leave a comment

Google updated its spreadsheets and documents interface this weekend. I like the new spread better than the Writely look before.

via Bits of News

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Let the Web Call in Sick for You

October 5, 2006 Leave a comment

Sick of working? Take a mental health day, using Call-In-Sick.

Here’s their spiel:

Call-in-Sick is a revolutionary new FREE service that allows you to call in your sick message to your boss or employer from anywhere, any time.


Picture the scenario: You stay out too late on a workday night and decide to call in sick the next day. The next day you drag

yourself out of bed at 5am because you know your boss won’t be there to answer the phone.

With Call-in-Sick you can record your sick message the night before then schedule it to be sent directly to your boss’s phone early in the morning without you even getting out of bed!

Nathaniel, one of my co-workers, sent this to me via Mike Yamamoto. Maybe nobody is buying my kidney transplant excuses and want me to come up with something fresh!

Go to Google School

August 24, 2006 Leave a comment

I discovered a helpful section on Lifehacker today. They’ve tagged a whole series of articles called “Google School.” These entries provide helpful tips on searching. I like it, so maybe you will to.

A Handy Gmail Add-On for Getting Things Done

August 23, 2006 1 comment

Thanks to Lifehacker for pointing me to this nifty add-on to Gmail/Firefox users. “Getting Things Done” is an organzing tool for your projects, to dos, etc. Great for keeping tasks and such organized and easily accessible. Check it out!

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Finely Writely

August 17, 2006 Leave a comment

After signing up and waiting for a Writely invite (and never getting one!) Writely announced today that anyone can now sign up for an account. So whoever wants to test another online writing tool,

check it out!Update: I checked it out. Disappointed that I wasn’t a part of the exclusive pre-release testers. While most of the features are similar to the other online tools I’ve mentioned, it does have an interesting collaboration tool, so multiple authors can work on a doc. And it can save in OpenOffice format. But for my applications, I still like ThinkFree the best.

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Online Software Update

July 19, 2006 4 comments

After I posted info on the various applications available online, Jeremy posted another downloadable suite called Open Office. So, I had to try it as well. Interesting, when you register the product, they ask if the reason you are using it is because you hate Microsoft. Then Boing Boing ran piece today about OpenOffice advertising on buses that go to Microsoft. That’s funny!

Anyway, I’ve tested the various apps and here’s my opinion. Open Office is pretty robust and a great downloadable option. I opened one of my Access databases in it and everything worked great. So it stays on the hard drive for when I don’t have WiFi access. But I also like the online apps because it makes it easy switching between computers.

I mainly tested the word processing and of all the apps, I liked ThinkFree. It has editing options I use like zoom, header/footer editing, etc. It runs on Java, which is a problem for some folks, and that means it runs a little slower, but the features are worth it to me. It also has a quick edit and power edit option, so for fasting editing, you can avoid the longer loading java window.

ZohoWriter and the Ajaxwriter were similar and I like them for quick edits. They run fast. I may prefer Zoho simply because it opens in another tab whereas Ajax opens a pop-up window for the document.

gOffice has a nice site but it is still a little too limited in editing options. I couldn’t figure how to change fonts.

If you haven’t tried any of these yet, you should. Open source is changing the rules and hopefully making the web what it was supposed to be. Not a place to make a few guys rich, but a place where us blokes could share our thoughts, ideas and solutions without always commodifying everything.

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