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Free Audio Books

August 28, 2006 1 comment

I love to listen to novels and poetry, but I hate to re-buy books I’ve bought in print. If a book is in the public domain, it may soon be available for free at one of the free audio books sites now emerging. NY Times recently featured several audio sites of interest.

LibriVox already has an interesting selection of books recorded by amateurs and professionals: all available as free downloads.

Telltale Weekly offers a variety books, dramas, poetry and more for a small fee with the goal of using the fee to build a large online library of free stuff available at Spoken Alexandria Project.

Literal Systems (strange technical name for a book service) has a smaller selection but they’re supposed to be professional recordings. They have a Dickens books, so I am already stoked!

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For Book Lovers

June 22, 2006 Leave a comment

One of my favorites experiences is seeing a package of books sitting on the front porch. I love reading and collecting books. Recently I found a great example Web 2.0 developments for book lovers. LibraryThing allows users to psot their collections online with the ease of entering book title and sometimes author. You also have the option of writing reviews or adding other details including any unique publishing information that may differ than the publishing information generated through Amazon. What's the point? Well, you can tag your book entries and create a great card catalog that allows you to research your own library (especially when it is rather extensive). It also connects you to other people who have similar reading interests and provides book recomendations based on your specific books. LibraryThing does not sell books, but they will point to other book vendors. You can enter 200 books for free. After that you can pay $10 per year or $25 for life to add unlimited books (these are personal accounts). I think this service offers an amazing form of book cataloging that will be of great help for book lovers as myself.

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