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Audiobooks in iTunes (moving files and syncing)

January 9, 2009 22 comments

I have a bunch of audiobooks that I either imported from CD or downloaded from eMusic. One problem. These audiobooks don’t show up in the audiobooks section of iTunes. Why is that important? When I sync to the iPhone, my audiobooks show up like music files and I can’t bookmark my place. Big problem.

I skip around between different books (before finishing) and don’t like to lose my place. It was such a challenge that I had been keeping note everytime I paused an audiobook with the last chapter I was listening to. There’s got to be a better way! If I could get the books into the audiobooks section of iTunes, they would automatically bookmark the last place I stopped.

Finally, I did some searching in the iTunes customer forums and found two helpful things for myself and other audiobook listeners. Here are the steps I followed to move the imported audiobooks from the music section to the audiobook section on iTunes.

1. Highlight all the files for a selected book and right click (or control-click for us Mac users). Then select “Get Info.”


2. First, changed the generic “audiobook” genre to something more specific. In this case, I chose “novel.”


3. Then jump over to the “Options” tab and change file from “Music” to “Audiobook.” I also changed to yes the following: “remember position,” “skip when shuffling,” and “gapless album.”


4. Once you click “OK,” it takes a moment for iTunes to process your files. Now they show up in “Audiobooks” instead of “Music.”


5. In order to keep from syncing all audiobooks when I sync my iPhone, I select view by list. Highlight the books I don’t want to sync, right click (control click for Mac), and choose “Uncheck selections.”


6. Finally, I choose “Sync only checked songs and videos” under the iPhone sync screen, and I am good to go.


Free Audio Books

August 28, 2006 1 comment

I love to listen to novels and poetry, but I hate to re-buy books I’ve bought in print. If a book is in the public domain, it may soon be available for free at one of the free audio books sites now emerging. NY Times recently featured several audio sites of interest.

LibriVox already has an interesting selection of books recorded by amateurs and professionals: all available as free downloads.

Telltale Weekly offers a variety books, dramas, poetry and more for a small fee with the goal of using the fee to build a large online library of free stuff available at Spoken Alexandria Project.

Literal Systems (strange technical name for a book service) has a smaller selection but they’re supposed to be professional recordings. They have a Dickens books, so I am already stoked!

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