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The World Keeps Turning

Photo by Picture this Patty. Used by Creative Commons Permission.

“The year has known conversion.” – Bobi Jones

The world keeps turning.

Nations, cultures, communities and families are changing. In the past 12 months, several dictatorships have fallen. Economies totter on the verge of collapse. The political world swirls in confusion, disagreement and uncertainty.

The world keeps turning.

We keep moving from birth to death. During this last year, we’ve welcomed new people, new friends, new places and new opportunities in our lives. We’ve also said goodbye to family members, old friends, old places, and old jobs.

The world keeps turning.

We feel the strain of uncertainty displacing us, forcing us to adjust, pressing us into anxious places and clouded paths. The way forward seems unclear, unsure and even unsafe.

The world keeps turning.

We stand on a planet that never ceases to circle. Even when standing still, we cannot stop the turning.

In the tumult of the turning, we find orientation in the One whose Appearing orders all things and all persons. As Augustine once wrote, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

During Advent, the people of God across the ages have looked for the appearing of our rest, our anchor, our peace, our Lord.

In the end, all time turns in to Christ.

Let us turn. Let us join the ages of saints before us who watch and wait for His Appearing. Let us tune into His Word in the heart our turning world.

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  1. November 28, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Methinks, His WORD in my heart comes out as speaking my heart for His WORD. I dreamed one time that I stood watching the earth spin on an axis like a top. Close, closer and closer, I was drawn by a life force until I knew that I was in danger of slipping into the ball bearings of the WORD where I would be ground into dust. Then I woke up.
    Now, as only some dust shimmering in the SONshine: HE must increase and I must decrease. Thanks, Doug, for letting me shimmer along on your meditation.

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