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Critiqueing Walmart’s Twitter Policy

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When crafting a corporate social media policy, it is helpful to read critique’s of other policies (as well as reading other policies). By analyzing the good and bad (lacking) of Walmart’s Twitter policy, Augie Ray help shine light on issues that should impact all businesses developing policies.

While his whole article is worth reading, here is a quick highlight. Ray suggests that Walmart needs to set specific expectations of employee behavior when tweeting. The following list can be helpful for all potential tweeting companies:

  • How many tweets per day or week are expected
  • Rules for tweeting; what topics or language is acceptable and what is not
  • Follow-back guidelines–when should followers be followed?
  • Expectations for when and how to respond to @replies (or direct messages)
  • Expectations for retweeting
  • Expectations for seeking out new followers–since following people is a successful way to build a list of followers, how many new people should be followed each week and what are the criteria?
  • Expectations for monitoring for and responding to brand mentions on Twitter
  • Expectations for engaging with and showing interest in followers regarding non-brand matters.

Thanks to Charlene Li’s new Altimeter Group for the link to Ray’s article.

How to Defeat our Enemies

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In our current culture of vindictive speech and hate-spewing on the left and the right, I think this video (via Cory Doctorow) might offer another model for engaging with humor and kindness.

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What is a Christian?

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they smile with their love (uploaded by t3xtures)

they smile with their love (uploaded by t3xtures)

“The Christian religion consists in becoming inebriated with love.”
Richard Wurmbrand

Intelligent Sci Fi Films

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photo by Torley

photo by Torley

SF Signal’s Mind Meld this week asks panelists, “Which films do you think are good examples of Intelligent SciFi?” I am always on the lookout for thoughtful scifi, so this list is helpful. I’m the only one in my house who enjoys scifi, so I usually have to watch it late at night.

Some of the films that make this list include (I put a star beside the films I really like):

Ghost in the Shell
Donnie Darko *
The Wings of Honneamise
Dark City *
Voices of a Distant Star
Blade Runner *
Contact *
The Matrix *
Star Wars Episode IV
Primer *
Gattaca *
Minority Report
A Clockwork Orange
The Abyss
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind *
12 Monkeys *
The City of Lost Children *
Liquid Sky
The Man Who Fell To Earth
The Element of the Crime

Some films I might add to the list:
Solaris (Tarkovsky version)
Day Watch
Night Watch
City of Ember
THX 1138

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