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Jeremy Floyd thinks I've started yet another blog only to become a grogger (a blogger who falls asleep at the wheel). He's probably right, but who knows?

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Forget putting bookmarks in your web browser anymore. If you're like me, you'll probably rarely use those bookmarks. I have so many and I am too lazy to create folders, so I have so many booksmarks it overwhelms me and I immediately jump to a search engine instead. Now you post all your bookmarks to Another great example of Web 2.0, allows you to tag all your bookmarks with categories, so you don't have the hassle of creating folders. Plus you can access your bookmarks from any computer and you can create a network of users with similar bookmarks as a way to find other interesting sites.

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Cultural trends fascinate me. Many of the trends moving through culture tie into larger macro trends that happen over decades and even centuries. As we begin to understand some of these macro-trends, we might have some insight where our culture is moving.

If you would like to keep up with some of the trends happing in commerce and culture here are some execellent tools that I have discovered.

Trendwatching – They have a variety of online reports exploring new developments in the consumer culture. The way we do business is changing drastically. You can subscribe to an email that allows you to receive these reports via email.

Springwise – A spin-off of Trendwatching, Springwise collects trends and insights submitted by trendwatchers all around the globe.

Iconoculture – The front page of this site may appear to only provide paid culture research. But you can sign up for their free email which comes out occasionally (not multiple times a week but more like every few weeks). The newsletter usually highlights three or four business development that relate to trends emerging in various market niches.

Trendwatching has a great Trend Unit newsletter that explores trends and the habit of watching trends. They reference a variety of other services that can be helpful in observing trends.

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For Book Lovers

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One of my favorites experiences is seeing a package of books sitting on the front porch. I love reading and collecting books. Recently I found a great example Web 2.0 developments for book lovers. LibraryThing allows users to psot their collections online with the ease of entering book title and sometimes author. You also have the option of writing reviews or adding other details including any unique publishing information that may differ than the publishing information generated through Amazon. What's the point? Well, you can tag your book entries and create a great card catalog that allows you to research your own library (especially when it is rather extensive). It also connects you to other people who have similar reading interests and provides book recomendations based on your specific books. LibraryThing does not sell books, but they will point to other book vendors. You can enter 200 books for free. After that you can pay $10 per year or $25 for life to add unlimited books (these are personal accounts). I think this service offers an amazing form of book cataloging that will be of great help for book lovers as myself.

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From Floydville to Floydville

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I've been blogging occasionally at for the last several years. Primarily I blog occasional meditations. Instead of short, pithy bogs, I tend to write reflective post about living a life of faith as a trinitarian Christian. Lately I've wanted to add a few other aspects to the blog such as the latest web trends I've been observing, so I wanted the capacity to add categories. Blogspot seems the be able to add this feature through some scripts but it may be easier in WordPress. So I am going to experiment in both for a while. Then I'll choose one blog to focus all my new posts. If you want of sense of my previous reflections, visit

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